Warning: Rules may be stacked depending on the severity of your actions, meaning the punishment will also increase varying on the amount of rules you broke.

1) Racism or insulting religion is NOT ALLOWED HERE! WE WILL TAKE AN ACTION!

2) Exploit Are Not Allowed! Such like go to an unreachable location to charge a Legendary Item.

  • i. Any Exploit and Glitch cause other players cant hit or click are Not Allowed!

3) Manners / Behavior

  • i. If You Need Anything From GM's such as complaint, suggestion, or share the ideas, please ask nicely and use good words.

4) Clan 

  • i. FWC only have two clans open which is SWC & SSC.
  • ii. From the beginning of the game, take over & pk prestige clan are Not Allowed!!
  • iii. If happen we will replace it
  • iv.  Exploit Leader Shoulderpads are Not Allowed!!
  • v. Holding Relic during the enemy raid is Not Allowed!!

5) Town Raid

  • i. Disconnected character in town during enemy raid or trying to defend by play disconnected are Not Allowed!!

6) Item

  • i. GM will not replace any item if missing, decay or wrong discard cause by using a program such as auto-loot , botting software and any other 3rd Party Programmed.

7) Account

  • i. Do Not Share ID and PASSWORD to anyone, if anything happens we will not take responsible.
  • ii. Beware with clone name and any other similar case
  • iii . Remember GM's will not ask for your ID and Password. 

Any new rules we will update from time to time.