Server Updated!

[SERVER STATUS]  We have upgraded the newer in-game operating system and protection algorithm.

We have also fixed some critical issues such as "charging Legendary Items (LI's)" in non PK zone (Noob Town) / Extreme Attack Rating / Charging LI's outside map / Anti Tele User / Adding new traps and also Strength on clans guard.

Charging Li's = Non PK zone (Noob Town) is still in normal status. LI's holders who are in noob town will cause the status of losing points more than in the PK zone. However, we are still monitoring from time to time.

Attack Rating = We have fixed this AR bug and hope in the future there will be no more exploits like this. We will take action against the exploiter without compromise.

Anti Tele = We have added some functions to detect tele user ingame.

Trap = We have added 2 new traps for improvement on each clans, but the trap is still under our monitoring.

Clan Guard = Clan guard has been upgraded to a better level such as damage / status etc. But this guard still cannot be used ingame for now and will be included in the next update.