Legendary Item Event! Milennium Chain Armor

Hello Guys! Legendary Item Event Tomorrow! Don't Forget !
Reward : First 20 Person MCA

The Fire Kirin Sword is an ancestral sword of Duan Family. Wave inherited the sword from his father. Unfortunately, after a great battle between Duan Shuai and Nie Ren Wang against Fire Kirin, both of them mysteriously disappeared along with the Fire Kirin Sword. Wave has been seeking to recover the sword ever since.

After obtaining evil power from the Ghost Pond and having taken control of Mute Village, Wave hungers for more power. He believes that his power will double if he is able to possess Fire Kirin Sword again. For years he has searched for the Fire Kirin Sword but was thwarted in his attempts. He lost his patience and demanded his followers to find the Fire Kirin Sword. The cultist took aggressive measures by attacking town folks of Land of Gold, Breeze and Rocky Mountain.