New Item's To Claim!

FWC Official Server
Warriors, we have an announcement.
New Quest Event is coming on FWC Official Server. On Approximately 6:00 PM [1 July 2020] - 6:00 PM [4 July 2020] +8 GMT Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Time. Event NPC will spawn in both Rock Mount Hill and Fishing Village.

[Event Description]
The Japanese Emperor is enraged seeing martial artists all around china is unaffected by the attack and is moving towards the next step. The Japanese Emperor has ordered the Evil Exorcist to revive all dead martial artist they can, turning them into zombies.

This is to demoralize all the martial artist that has fought up until now. Zombies have been seen roaming around and causing havoc around villages. A Tian Xia Informant has taken the initiative to give out rewards to willing warriors that help in the eradication of the zombies. 

Warriors, it is time. Gather your strength. Do what you could to defend your nation.